Hospitality Professionals Say So Long, 2012

On To 2013 and Achieving Our Dreams!

We are winding down another year that many would describe as challenging and others would label as modestly successful. The world economies continue to struggle which has a trickle-down effect on the hospitality industry making it interesting for those of us in the meetings and events business.
We are now facing the ‘fiscal cliff’ and the fear of falling back into a recession. However, we need to keep in mind the positive impact our industry has on the economy. In the US, travel, tourism & hospitality is among the nation’s largest services export industries, and one of America’s largest employers. It ranks as one of the top 10 largest industries in the US:

  •  1.7 million direct and an additional 4.6 million indirect jobs
  • Pays $194.6 billion in wages and salaries
  • 1.8 million meetings and events annually
  • $263 billion in direct spending
  • $106 billion contribution to the GDP (larger than the auto manufacturing industry)
  • $124 billion in federal, state and local taxes

As we close out 2012, we also want to focus on the good things that happened…I am sure you will be surprised at how many you can come up with. Please take a few minutes to list your successes over the past year:
1. _________________________________________
2. _________________________________________
3. _________________________________________

Now let’s move on to how we can make 2013 a successful one for each of us. As you prepare for the New Year, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my dream for the future?
  • Do I have clear goals that will help me achieve my dream?
  • Do I have a game plan to help me stay on track?

Once you have answered these questions, you should be focused on:

  • Planning your work/working your plan
  • Holding yourself accountable with consequences and rewards
  • Being involved in your industry and community
  • Helping others achieve their goals
  • Giving back- whether it be time or money
  • Having fun!
  • Let’s move on to achieving our dreams in 2013!

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