5 Questions to Ask Before Becoming an Entreprenuer in the Hospitality Industry

1238452_46868173There continues to be a lot of change going on in the hospitality industry which means it may be the right time for you to re-evaluate your current state and ask yourself the questions that will help determine your future.

Although being tired of your commute and wanting it to go away may be one reason to consider a change, I am not sure that it is the true motivation to drive a change. The following are 5 questions to help those with entrepreneurial dreams to evaluate their options, take the leap, and achieve continued success in the hospitality industry. These questions come from my years of experience as an independent contractor and from the 100+ individuals that have joined me or I have coached to make the transition.

1. What are your dreams and goals for the future?

What is your ‘big why’? What are you trying to accomplish? As Stephen Covey teaches us, “begin with the end in mind.” Without directions or a map, you will never find your desired destination. The same is true with your career.

2.What is your most pressing challenge that you need to address right now?

Focus today on the one thing that will move you closer to achieving your dream.

3. What opportunity best utilizes your experience and expertise?

It is important to clearly understand how your experience and expertise will translate to your next opportunity. Look for the best match that will ensure a successful future.

4. Is the timing right to make this change now?

Do you have everything in place (support group, finances, office, etc.) to make the move now?

5. Who can I talk with to help me evaluate my options?

There are many successful people in our industry that have gone down this road before you. They can be your mentor / coach and assist you in thinking through the opportunity. They can also be a valuable resource to you as you make the transition.

When you’re in business for yourself, you write your own history, you write your own success story, you write your own legacy and most important, you write your own paycheck,” Jeffrey Gitomer, best-selling author.

I hope these simple questions will help you evaluate whether this new year is the right time to make a change.

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