5 Lessons from My Father that Every Entrepreneur Should Know

We all have mentors, coaches and special individuals that have helped us in our lives and hospitality industry careers. My first and most important one was my father. He recently passed away, which has challenged me to refocus on the many lessons that he shared with me.

My dad was a self-made success. For financial reasons within his family, he was not able to attend college and went straight to work to help cover the family expenses…including paying for his older brother to go to college. His father taught him that hard work and giving it your best every day was essential to success. He worked for one company for over 40 years earning promotions from an entry level lineman to running the gas and electric utilities for half the state of Michigan.

In our industry, as we progress through our careers, we often wonder if we have what it takes to be successful at the next level or if we went out on our own. In hopes that we can all achieve the success we desire, I want to share the lessons learned from my father (and mother):

  1. Never look back and be upset about your circumstances – he could have dwelled on not being able to go to college, he did not.
  2. Each day is a gift from God – make the best of it.
  3. Show up every day and work hard.
  4. Be honest in all that you do.
  5. Respect: it’s all about respecting yourself, those you interact with, and earning the respect of others.

Support what is right; oppose what is wrong; what you think, speak; try to satisfy yourself, and not others; if you are not popular you will at least be respected; popularity lasts but a day, respect will descend as a heritage to your children”. T.C Haliburton

Thanks dad, I am giving it my best every day!

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