Passion and Hospitality of a Small Business Owner

wineBy Doug Baarman

On a recent trip to Europe, I had the pleasure of visiting hotels and spending time in beautiful towns throughout western Italy. Upon meeting the owner of a small shop in Sorrento, Italy – I realized he demonstrated what all small business owners must have – PASSION!

He was so proud of his wines (some straight from the family vineyard), olive oil (all from the family farm) in addition to many other products in his shop. He wanted us to enjoy his goods and literally opened a bottle of wine and shared it with our group while we shopped. His passion for his product translated into a very nice sale as many in our group were eager to purchase wine and olive oil from him.

A career in the hospitality industry is all about passion. You have to enjoy what you do so much so, that your enthusiasm will be conveyed by your customers and felt by everyone that you come into contact with. Think about the sales or service experiences that you have enjoyed the most and that have left a lasting impression. I am sure the person you were dealing with was passionate about the product or service they were representing…and you caught their enthusiasm.

Do your customers feel your passion for your business?

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