“In the Unlikely Event” You Experience a Change in Your Hospitality Career

As an entrepreneur within the hospitality industry, I have been on many airline flights over the past few months. During the flight safety procedures prior to takeoff, they often use the line ‘in the unlikely event’. This has always struck me as a line that we should use in our professional lives as well.

Many aspects of our professional lives can be impacted by events outside of our control. This is especially true when your organization is acquired or a merger takes place. Our industry is seeing this firsthand with Marriott’s acquisition of Starwood. We cannot predict every situation that may happen, all we can do is prepare ourselves for these ‘unlikely events. I am sharing the links to some recent blog posts that may help you if you are going through an unscheduled change (or if you are choosing on your own to make a change).

Preparing Yourself for a Career Transition in the Hospitality Industry

Are You Ready for a Change in the Hospitality Industry?

As with flights, preparation for these ‘unlikely’ events is very important. As part of your daily routine, make sure you are prepared for your professional journey.

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