Hospitality Industry Professionals: Read-to-Success Reading List

books-1421560-640x640For us to achieve and maintain success in the hospitality industry, we need to be avid readers (not just during our vacations). The hospitality industry is a 24/7 business with an overload of activity and ‘noise’ that keeps us busy. It can be overwhelming and even prevent us from keeping on course toward achieving our priorities. To prevent getting burned out which drains our energy and blocks our creativity, we need to make time to read about our industry and how to grow our professional careers.

The following are some suggestions of books to read to help you grow professionally:

  • The One Thing – Gary Keller
  • You 2 – Price Pritchett
  • The E Myth – Michael Gerber
  • The Third Wave – Steve Case

Please take the time to invest in yourself…you will be pleased with the success that follows. Happy reading!

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