Hospitality Industry Professionals Need to Unplug to Recharge

The hospitality industry is a 24/7 business that forces us to remain focused in order to be productive. We experience an overload of activity and ‘noise’ that keeps us busy…but it can be overwhelming and even prevent us from keeping on course toward achieving our priorities. We often get burned out which drains our energy and blocks our creativity.

As for me, I am returning from a much needed week off which I was able to enjoy with my family. Prior to leaving, I took the advice of my business coach, Angie Segal with Action Coach. She shared the following message with me:

The cavemen spent their days hunting, gathering, napping and being chased by tigers. That worked for them because there was balance to their days, which gave them enough energy to outrun the tiger, most of the time. In modern society, we are spending far too much time running from the tigers and it is depleting our energy! We weren’t made to spend the majority of our time with our adrenaline pumping.

Want to increase your productivity, creativity and energy? Why don’t you try unplugging for a day, a weekend, or a vacation?

How do you unplug so you can recharge?

First, turn off the cell phone and PDA. Leave a message that says you will be unavailable and you will find that most people will leave a message and wait for your return.

Next, don’t be tempted by that laptop or computer either. Your email can wait.  Leave an out of office reply. Yes, you will have tons of email when you get back, but you might be surprised how much of that can be deleted if you only deal with messages that require an action or reply.

Now, get rid of the remote control and the newspaper delivery. Trust me; there is nothing in the news that can’t wait a few days for you to know. If a truly catastrophic event happened, you would find out about it. Someone would tell you.
Finally, take off your watch, unplug the clocks and sit back and enjoy.

What will you do with all this time? Spend it with friends and family you care about. Read a book or magazine. Lie in the sun. Play with your kids.  Take a nap. It doesn’t really matter, it’s just about recharging.

When you get back to work, you will be amazed how rejuvenated, focused and productive you will be with new ideas flowing into your now recharged brain. Whether you are going away on a vacation or just using these techniques for a short getaway, I hope you unplug to recharge so you are ready to make 2013 a breakthrough year!

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