Holiday Networking for Hospitality Industry Professionals

“Networking is simply the cultivating of mutually beneficial, give and take, win-win relationships. It works best, however, when emphasizing the ‘give’ part.”      – Bob Burg, Author and Speaker

We are in full holiday season and hospitality industry party mode – hard to believe that 2012 is coming to a close. Since networking is critical for all of us, I am sharing some tips from my Business Coach, Angie Segal with ActionCOACH ( ).

The Holiday season is here and it is a great time to build your business.  Opportunities for forging relationships and making new connections abound.

 Here are 7 tips for holiday networking:
1. Accept all invitations – invited to an event or party where you don’t know anyone?  What a great opportunity to meet new people.

2. Seek out events to attend – there are lots of parties, events and galas starting in early November and continuing into January.  Look for them.

3. Have a goal for quality connections – how many good connections are you hoping to make at each event?  Don’t just greet and move on, spend a few minutes talking with the people you want to know better.

4. Have a system for follow up – you need to follow up with everyone you want to know better.  How do you plan to do this?

5. Have a good time – fun is important and it shows in your attitude.

6. Embrace abundance and serendipity – know that there is plenty of business for everyone and that your good deeds will come back to you in some way.

7. Don’t eat or drink too much – but I am guessing you already knew that one!

Have a great Holiday season and I hope that everyone takes the time to reflect on the goodness of the previous year and the potential of the upcoming year.

These are some great tips that will help make the next few weeks not only fun…but productive. Happy Networking!

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